Reel Goats is a LA-based video production company focusing on web, tv, and film all over the world. We innovate, develop, produce, film, and edit. Through our collaborations with other amazing filmmakers WE create greatness.

The Reel Goats mission is to inspire the world to be great through our work, our collaborations, our education, and our goals.

James Rico

James Rico is a Director, Co-Founder of Reel Goats. James graduated from Kansas State University where he studied journalism, psychology, and social science. After K-State he freelanced for 5 years around Kansas working for independent artists and local small businesses. He moved from Manhattan, Ks to Kansas City,KS with his wife. While working in Kansas City James teamed up with his friends Logan, Jr, and his brother Isaiah. They four become the early Reel Goats in Kansas City.

As they ventured across the country  shooting small productions they eventually decided to move to LA. Jr, Isaiah, and James left Kansas to move to the big city. After working a half a year in content creation they began freelancing in LA. Along the year James worked as a Director, Gaffer, Director of Photographer, and Editor. His work has taken him places like France, Germany, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Thailand, UK, and Dubai.

In 2019 he worked alongside his Reel Goats team with DaBaby where they created content and music videos for Billion Dollar Baby Ent.  DaBaby and Billion Dollar Baby Ent. taught him about creating a vision and the discipline it takes to achieve greatness.

James’s passion is in family, friends, film and growing Reel Goats. His dream is to stand on the Oscar stage and hold an award for best film. 


The one and only Spicy. Originally from Wichita Kansas, he never dreamt about video production or had any knowledge of it. In fact he sold memberships at health club for 5 years, then he went on to selling cell-phones for four years. He decided to take a job as a PA for a music video in 2015 for his brother James. Since then he has become a critical part of Reel Goats as a Producer, Director, and Photography.

His drive to be the best at what he does motivates him to become better everyday. Ultimately to be able to help motivate and teach others that you can change and become something bigger than you are regardless if you don’t “know what you wanna do” in life. Spicy’s passion and energy spreads through the Reel Goats sets.  

SHAQ Gonzoe

Shaq Gonzoe is an ambitious creative individual from the island of Puerto Rico. He attended  high school in Georgia and eventually went to Kansas State University where Shaq and James Rico meet in 2012. Together they created early content together being free with their ideas. Shaq has always had a passion for music and film. His journey took him across all over the world creating with countless musicians.

He is influenced by talents such as Kanye West, Tyler The Creator, Metro Boomin, Adam Sandler, Quentin Tarantino, Seth MacFarlane, Virgil Abloh, and Hype Williams. In 2019 he teamed up with Reel Goats as creative writer and producer.  He spends his days working on Reel Goat projects and in the studio working with his producer collective WAVPOOL creating music and sound design. He loves the journey and is constantly learning on how to improve as an overall creative.


Frances is a mother, bodybuilder athlete, cooker connoisseur, graduate of Masters Social Welfare, and a resident bookkeeper for Reel Goats. 

 Prior to Reel Goats, Frances has worked within the Mental Health & Academic field working with children and families providing mental health services such as therapeutic interventions, case management, program development & evaluation, supervision of staff and more.  

Frances is the founder of FrobandyCAKES CookEZ, which are giant, luxury stuffed cookies founded in 2019…You will find that a box in your mail every now and again when you work with us. Frances also is a bodybuilding bikini competitor  who competes regularly throughout the year since 2015 Her passion for her cookies and bodybuilding bring the right energy when it comes to Reel Goats. 
Within Reel Goats, Frances  is responsible for accounts payable, receiveivable, payroll, daily finances and bookkeeping of accounts. She makes the crew happy and maintains the sanity of the Admin. She is a rockstar that is just getting started within Reel Goats. 

Jr. Goats

Nick Mays, Bryan Garcia, Rocco Hill , Mikey Borgers, Xavier Fortier (In Ascending Order)

These guys have been putting the time and dedication into growing with Reel Goats. Each one has been one started out as an Production Assistant and worked their way up. They have been apart of our creative writing, producing, offline editing, and behind the scenes. Each one is committed to learning filmmaking and production. Everytime they get on set they take another step towards their goals. 

They are young goats who are becoming the best versions of themselves each day. They all have made huge steps in following their dreams by believing in themselves. They are all students and teachers of the their craft.